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Has anyone had micro back surgery?


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An MRI showed a bulging disc that I've been trying to manage for years now. I finally had a second MRI and thankfully it hasn't gotten worse. I'm seeing a spine surgeon today to see what he thinks. (I plan to see a second dr. for a second opinion.)


The bulge part is apparently touching a nerve and the pain resonates down my leg/tucas.


I've done physical therapy, meds, epidural shots. None provided much -- if any -- relief.


I'm going to ask the dr. about any other suggestions he might have. I'm not gung-ho on surgery, but I'm just too young to be in this much daily pain. And I've been attempting to manage it for years now.


Most annoying: I can't sit. I took the kids to a gov't class last week and -- an hour into it -- I had to sit on ice. Sitting through an hour TV show is hard. Traveling for hours in a car? Super hard.


Very frustrating.


Any surgery thoughts/advice is welcome!



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Get a second and third opinion if you can.


I have similar back issues and was considering surgery.  I have an additional nerve complication that makes my case a bit more unusual.


I saw 4 top doctors in our area, and I  had 4 different surgery suggestions. And one doctor (head of neurosurgery at a teaching hospital) who said that if I was his wife, he wouldn't let anyone cut on me.



Disk replacement from the back

Disk replacement from the front

Spinal Cord implant.

Do nothing.


One thing I liked about getting the second/third/fourth opinions, was that each subsequent doctor told me why the other procedures were a bad idea in my case.  So, at the end....I opted out of surgery all together.  I found a better Physical Therapist (my 5th one) went on a nightshade free diet, and finally got the nerve pain under control. 


I work in pharmacy, and see patients before and after surgery.  Unfortunately, I continue to see people who are in pain following surgery more often that those that it helps (obviously because they don't need pain meds). Due to this, I am fairly skeptical to surgery fixing back pain.  (Just like that you don't want to ask a family court judge about the likely hood of divorce).

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