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Vocational Trade School during High school questions

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Does anyone have a child (or spouse) that waited to get a trade until after high school? If so would you be wiling to talk a bit about the experience and the tuition? I know that licenses vary by state but I'm especially interested in trades that required a license. In my state that would be electricians, plumbers, HVAC, etc.

I am trying to think through keeping a teen home for a traditional education and then moving into trade school after hs graduation. The problem I'm encountering is that it seems that community colleges don't seem to teach the trades, private-for-profit trade schools are expensive and if you don't get in to the voke tech hs in 9th grade there is a waiting list.

Ideas for on-line or outsourcing during high school are also very welcome. Thanks!

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DH was already in his trade before he got a certificate (he got laid off this was something to do until market picked back up).  I don't know how much it would have cost, maybe $4000?  We lived in Tennessee and it was free.  My mom also went to her local CC for training, she took electrical, and PLC programming. My Uncle attended the same CC as my mom and got a certification/diploma in Plumbing it took him 1 year and cost around $3500 in tuition (same as all other CC students).


 Most CC's offer similar programs often called certificates or Diplomas in HVAC, Electrical, Machining, Welding, Maintenance, etc... the price is IME the same as regular tuition.  Can I ask what state/area you're in?  It might help us help you figure out what's available near you.


I don't trust online schools so have no recommendations for something like that.

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It's also becoming more common for companies to forge partnerships with high schools, CC's, or private vo tech schools for programs tailored to skills they need for their company. Those might be worth looking into for your area.

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