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Teaching Textbooks Geometry issues

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So I have been struggling all year with this new program. We purchased a brand new Geometry curriculum from TT last fall. When we originally purchased it we had an issue with the disc in our computer died all of a sudden. So we purchased a new drive for the computer. After doing this the program still would not work stating URL not found. I spent countless hours on the phone with TT to no avail. They sent me multiple discs and we still couldn't get them to work.

So I bit the bullet since TT said it must be my computer. I bought a brand new one. Guess what?!?! It still won't work.

I then called support again and they sent out all new discs....guess what?!?! They still won't work consistently. One works one doesn't.

The new error message is an adobe flash player script error that freezes my computer when it happens.

Anyone else having this issue? If so did you come up with a fix? I have reloaded the program so many times its not even funny anymore.


Thoroughly Frustrated Mom

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try use Google Chrome browser with Flash installed


OR you may have to an older version of Flash


FYI for the future - don't buy a new computer - it is the SW that really counts


you could try it with Ubuntu Linux on the older computer since you have that one


also if new computer has Windows 8.x - update NOW to Windows 10





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I have a Mac



My DH just transferred our TT from my office computer to the boys' computer, and he had a lot of issues getting it set up.  I wish I understood what he did, but I don't.  It doesn't work the same way upstairs as downstairs.  When I check my son's work, I have to log in a different way -- the curser doesn't move to the log-in space, and DH set up some kind of application that pops up in the upper right-hand corner of my screen, and I have to type random letters into that, and then I can type my log in.  I don't get it at all. We have Macs, too, so TT must not interface very well with Macs, particularly the new operating system.  I think the boys have the new operating system whereas I have the old.


I know this doesn't help you, but I thought you might like to know that you are not alone in having problems with TT on a Mac.

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I wonder if you could bring it to the Apple Genius Bar and maybe they could help you?  Maybe it's a small Apple issue where some little thing needs to be addressed.


We used that DVD in multiple Apples and never had a problem, but our computers are at least 5 years old now.  

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