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Canadians - Has anyone used "Canada: A Proud Past and a Promising Future

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After an hour of searching to find it again.  Check this out: http://civicschannel.com/textbook.html


Now, I'm going to add it to my Pinterest board so I can find it when I need it!


Thanks.  I haven't seen this resource before.  May help for civics.


By HS, I like to have most items fairly structured so the student can complete without me most of the time.  This is what I'm looking for.

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Donna Ward's highschool program looks promising: https://www.donnaward.net/shop.php?area=item&sku=9781927474006

That's the one I used last time.  It was okay, but I had to keep a close eye on things because it was a bit loose with the scheduling.  I keep hoping there is something better.


For my oldest, I did a text book method, but it took a lot of work and wasn't at thorough as I would have liked.

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