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Would you eat this?


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I make meat loaf with a combo of ground beef, turkey, and spicy sausage. I went down to the deep freeze today to pull out the sausage and turkey so they could thaw for dinner tomorrow, and I found that the plastic cover of the turkey packaging had separated from the main packaging and folded inward, leaving a section of the meat (well, technically, all of the meat, I guess) exposed to the freezer air. 


I know it won't have spoiled that way--it was frozen good and solid before this could have happened--but do you think it will affect the taste badly? I'm trying so hard to reduce food waste and our budget; I really don't want to have to throw this out!



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How long has it been in the freezer? I would probably use it unless it had been in the freezer a very long time because the cheapskate in me couldn't stand to see it go to waste. If it hasn't been in the freezer overly long I would hope that it hasn't gotten too freezer burned. 



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