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CDs/Audio books/Radio Drama for the PreK and K crowd


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I'd start with the audiobook versions of books you've read. With DS I think somewhere around 3-4 I read him Pooh, Paddington, and Peter Pan and then got him the audio books to listen to. He still very much loves the audio books and one of them is usually what he chooses to listen to at bedtime. It's crazy what an expert he is on Peter Pan now!

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Maestro Classics are excellent. For little kids I recommend Peter and the Wolf, Mike Mulligan, The Tortoise and the Hare, Casey at Bat, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, etc.


Also look on the peace hill press site for Jim Weiss audio suggestions. If you sort by preschool, all the Jim Weiss CDs appropriate for that age will display.


We also love listening to a lot of music especially Slugs and Bugs and The Rizers.

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We love listening to Mercy Watson stories on CD (from the library). The guy who does the voices is great. They might also like Hank the Cowdog - so much better on CD than just read aloud by me. You might want to listen to one and see if your kids will like it yet. Uncle Remus stories and Among the Barnyard People by Dillingham Pierson (sp), Velveteen Rabbit, Fifty Famous Stories and others on librivox. We also like some of the stories on The Barefoot Books app.


I have a pinterest board that is audio and regular read aloud booklists for this age group. 

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We listen to audiobooks regularly. We get them from the library and sometimes it's a trial and error sort of thing. Memorable books include Charlotte's Web, The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Make Way for Ducklings and various recordings by Robert Munsch. DS5 has recently listened and enjoyed the non-classic Stink (read by Bart Simpson's voice), Magic tree house series and How to eat fried worms. 

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I try to not get audio books of books that are easy readers because I think most of their value is in the fact that children can read them themselves, not literature, and I'd rather save them for that (Magic Treehouse, Boxcar Children, etc.). My girls share a room and listen to an audio book every night as they go to bed. I also try to get quality literature, but if I see ones I know they will love on sale on Audible, I do it. We love audiobooks here because I really don't like reading aloud (blasphemy, I know!) but think there is value in it. This is my compromise. :)


The ones my 4 year old enjoys the most are:


Complete Peter Rabbit

Big Hero 6 ($1 daily deal. She loves Baymax)

Frozen (same deal)

Charlotte's Web

How to Train Your Dragon

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (dramatization, not unabridged. Each story is 2 hours long and very well done)

101 Dalmations

Pippi Longstocking

The Sheep-Pig

A Bear Called Paddington

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths


They also love collections of well-read children's poems. We have Julie Andrew's book and it came with a CD that my 4 year old, especially, adores. It is super cute to see her reciting poetry on a whim too. 


She loves the First Language Lessons cd. It has little fables and poems from the book in it and then ends with grammar chants and songs. She has them all memorized and often points out articles and helping verbs in every day discussions.


There's a poetry collection on Audible called Classic Poems for Boys that I LOVE and my girls all enjoyed it at that age, too.  In fact, now that I'm looking, I'm seeing that there are several more in the series that I am going to pick up!




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