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What happened to Progressive Phonics?

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Does anyone know what has happened to this website? When I try to go there, the website is down as though the hosting hasn't been paid (If that's the right terminology). It's such a kind thing the author has been doing, and it seemed she had plans to add more books. Some of her release dates had been extended with the explanation that a family member was having medical issues. 

I'm bummed if the site is now gone for good (though I have saved most of what was there), but I'm also concerned for the author. 

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It was definitely down though - someone else mentioned it elsewhere so you're not crazy, xahm!


That would be really sad if it went away. It's such a great resource and I keep recommending it to people. It's so simple and free - I feel like everyone should start there and see if it works for them before taking the plunge with more expensive stuff.

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