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X-Post: German for Native Speakers Online


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My daughter wants to quit her German class. She can speak German but needs academic German to become fluent. One hour isn't doing her much good anyway. I hate the drive and the timing. She is motivated to do the work online. I don't have time to create and manage a curriculum. 


I looked at Goethe and that looks a bit basic for her vocab-wise, but the right level grammar-wise (she is 9, third grade). She has the active and passive vocabulary of a 1st-2nd grader I suppose, grammar the same.


I can hire a tutor no doubt BUT I'm looking for something online for the remainder of the year and seeing how it goes. Thoughts? Suggestions?


EDIT: My goal is to have her bring her German up to grade level at least so that she can be on track for the DSD 1 and 2 by high school so she can be eligible for study in Germany if prices here go up too much. The incentive for her is that I am keeping money in our flexible ed savings account for study abroad if she continues study.

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Is your school one of these schools? http://www.pasch-net.de


My son is 7 and has German 2.5 hours a week. The school says that if he sticks with it (their school) he should be able to pass that German fluency test required to go to German university. They had 4 students get it in the second half of the year last year.


I encourage my son to watch German tv instead of English whenever I can too. But that wasn't from the school, just me. 😄

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Yes, they are one of those schools. They do pretty well. I think we can pay for the test one time via the Goethe Institute instead if we decide not to do the courses though, OR worst case scenario, I have connections at another partner school and she can do classes for one year or summer school there or I will pay a teacher, to prep for the test. But that would only be if she had been following a course of study with German books up to that point and attending their summer camps. She has friends at the camps so that should be easy.

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