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Ideas for 5 year old "princess" birthday party?


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Kittygirl turns 5 on the 24th, and she has chosen a princess theme for her birthday party. She's inviting many kids from her preschool class, including boys, so it can't be totally girly. It has to include "prince friendly" activities as well. I have a few ideas, but I figure the hive might be able to give me some suggestions I hadn't thought of. The party is two hours long, in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. The kids will range in age from 3 to 5. A parent will attend with most of the kids.  What should we do?

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Pinterest has lots of ideas. 


Water bottles with labels removed.  Tape paper crowns onto them for labels.  Write Prince X or Princess X. 


Oriental trading has a great foam crown kit.  It comes with 24 crowns with jewel and letter stickers.  Purchase "boyish" foam stickers if you want to make them more prince friendly.


Face painting.


Cooking decorating.  You can pre-make (or buy) cookies for them to ice and add sprinkles.  Bonus if they are shaped to match the theme in some way.

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Have a tea party, let the kids decorate their own cupcakes.


We had crowns the kids decorated with plastic jewels at my daughter's princess party.


My kids went to one princess party where the girls got crowns and the boys got swords (found at the dollar store) as their party favor.

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