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The Oceania thread reminded me of the old mnemonic for planets - My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Or, nowadays, she served us Nachos.


Which reminded me, of course, that King Philip Can Order Fine Gold and Silver (or he came over for good... um, stuff.)


Which in turn reminded me that people learning CPR are taught to use the rhythm of "Staying Alive" to time it. (Or so I'm told, I haven't learned CPR myself. Really ought to.)


And *that* reminded me that after Si and Nisi, Num and Ne, all the alis run away. (This has literally never come in handy. But then, why would it?)


And THAT reminded me that we can identify "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by singing along to the first line - "Eine kleine Nachtmusik das ist! Written by Herr Mozart not Herr Lizst!"


I'm sure that as a group, lots of people here know plenty of mnemonics I never learned, possibly in subjects I know nothing about! So, hit me with 'em.

Also: Obligatory XKCD. Some suggested new mnemonics riff off of religion and/or sex, just FYI.

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Out of bitterness, I mentally changed the planets mnemonic to My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us NOTHING.


Every Good Boy Does Fine (or Deserves Fudge); FACE; Good Boys Do Fine (or Deserve Fudge) Always; All Cows Eat Grass (or All Cars Eat Gas).


Roy G. Biv.


In French, for adjectives that precede nouns instead of following them, BAGS (Beauty, Age, Goodness, Size).

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Cranial Nerves


OLd : Olfactory

OPie: Optic

OCCasionally: Oculomotor

TRIes: Trochlear

TRIGonometry: Trigeminal

And: Abducens

Feels: Facial

VEry: Vestibulocochlear

GLOomy: Glossopharyngeal

VAGue: Vagus

And: Spinal Accessory

HYPOactive: Hypoglossal

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My Goodness, eating hot nachos causes pain. (Spanish speaking countries in Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panana)




I thought no one else knew that one - a teacher taught me in school.


How about PEMDAS?


And not a mnemonic exactly, but there's the kings of England rhyme - the Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste one (it's at the bottom of this).

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