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Audiobooks for 12-year-old

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Nothing wrong with listening to them multiple times! ;)


All of the Redwall series, Tolkien, CS Lewis, the original Peter Pan is fantastic, the books of Ember, Inkheart and the other two in this series, My Side of the Mountain, Old Yeller, Little Britches, Shiloh, Treasure Island, Pilgrim's Progress, The Odyssey, Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Cheaper by the Dozen, Swiss Family Robinson, Chronicles of Prydain, Shakespeare Stealer, Count of Monte Cristo, Johnny Tremain, Shakespeare's plays, C.S. Forester (I cannot remember if there was mention of an affair in this or if it was just the movies), anything by Jean Craighead George, Carry On Mr. Bowditch. 


And don't limit yourself to just fiction!!


Another resource:


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I often find things  by going to Amazon and putting in books my ds already liked and finding ones that come up as other customers who liked that also liked, searching for ones not yet tried.


Deborah Wiles' Countdown and Revolution with Emma Gavin (or something like that) narrating use other audio beyond just the text to make the times it tells of come alive. and if that is liked, a search will yield other current fiction like it... or sort of like it.


Ender's Shadow was  very good on audio with several readers for different parts.


some good olders: Phantom of the Opera, anything by Mark Twain, Uncle Tom's Cabin.


some good newers: Tyger, Tyger and sequels (newest is not on audio), Divergent series, Hunger Games series...


My son is 13 so a bit older, but probably similar stage (?) has been liking Star Wars books, James Bond, John Grisham...

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What about non-fiction? When my daughter was 12 she listened to Sam Kean's The Disappearing Spoon (periodic table of elements) and The Violist's Thumb.(genetics) Also The Poisoner's Handbook, about the beginnings of forensics chemistry in early 20th C. New York City, by Deborah Blum.






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