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S/O on someone to clean-good tasks for a "rent-a-teen"


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As I mentioned in the " someone to clean for me" thread, one of the older girls in our HS group is trying to raise money for a big competition trip, and has volunteered to do chores, and so on in exchange for money. She'll be coming over about 3 hours at a time, a couple of days a week to help out, and doing the same for a couple of other moms. She's not going to have much free time between school, team practices,but she should be able to pay for the trip (and her parents have agreed that if she has a plan for earning the money and is making steady progress that they'll loan her the money and let her work through the summer if needed).


While I loved having her come in and clean, and especially after Christmas we could use the help, I don't want her to do too much of the stuff DD would normally do (for example, she picked up the Lego room, which is normally DD's responsibility before math club on Friday-and I don't want her doing that every week).


And I'm sure that there are tasks that would be helpful that just never happen, but aren't on our normal cleaning schedule. I figured this week I'd ask her to go through and organize the schoolroom books (which are supposed to be classified nonfiction by subject and fiction by author, but DD tends to pick a stack to read, then just reshelves them wherever they fit space-wise.


Any other ideas?

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Cleaning and polishing cabinets, dusting hest registers and baseboards, vacuuming the curtains, detailing the inside of a car, organizing the pantry, etc.


Pretty much any task you consider seasonal :)

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You didn't ask, but what I really didn't like as a teen was being micromanaged. One woman asked me to clean her windows "using newspapers." I know that was a very "in" idea at the time, but it just made the task a lot harder.


I would personally love:


Cleaning inside and outside of the car. Maybe even getting the car gassed up.

Prepping meals that can be frozen -- if she's into cooking/baking.


Returning library books if you need that.

Washing the dog/brushing the dog.

Helping me reorganize a junk/storage room -- and drive stuff to Good Will.

Wrap presents if a bday is coming up.

Help w/ bday party.


LOVE the idea of organizing the pantry!! A friend's daughter alphabetized all of her spices and -- as OCD as it sounds --  she's loved it!




It's just me, but I wouldn't have her do the bathrooms, clean the fridge etc. I would ask for jobs that involved stuff I might ask, for example, a pet sitter/house sitter to help with.


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I borrowed a fellow boardies teen this week to wrangle toddlers while my mom and I unpacked from our recent move.  I want to keep her!  Plus, I hear she bakes.   :coolgleamA:


Jobs I might consider outsourcing in your situation:


- sweeping the garage floor

- typing up/organizing handwritten family recipes

- organizing/inputting books into a library app

- polishing silver

- cleaning or detailing the car


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Dd works for a neighbour one hour a week. Mostly she folds laundry and vacuums. Cooking dinner has been discussed. In reality, the 3 year old has decided that dd works for her, so often the Mom does the laundry while dd gets to put on her fanciest dress and be 'decorated' in make-up. The idea is that she should make the mom's life easier for that hour, doing whatever is required at the time.

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