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Books about art

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My dd8 is reading fairly independently, and we'll be finishing up AAR4 soon. I'm trying to work in some assigned reading each week (some fiction, some non-fiction). I'm not having a hard time finding history and science books.


I'm trying to keep it short, fun, and a gentle introduction to the concept of assigned reading with the possibility one short writing assignment each week.


In keeping with the fun theme, I would like to include some books about art (all types - visual art, dance, music, etc.). I'm really having a hard time even knowing where to start with this.


Any ideas? Book suggestions?

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I have a few ideas.


There is a neat old series called "The Value of..." which does biographies of different famous people focusing on a virtue or value of importance.  We've read one on Beethoven, and there might be other ones on artists.  


One of my children has enjoyed this chapter book on Mozart.  I haven't read it, but have read a picture book by the same author and I highly recommend her.


Venezia has a series that might really be what you are looking for.  We have yet to really get into them, but they seem like a great resource.

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My eight year old has greatly enjoyed the books in this series:  A Very Young... (Dancer, Actress, Circus Flyer, Gardener, and others).   Our library has many of them.


 Yes the photography is dated (late 70's, early 80's), but my daughter loves the fact that it is about modern(ish) kids doing these things and being creative. 



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Thank you, all! This helps a lot. I'm looking these up at my library right now.


It's out of print but I really like Great Painters by Piero Ventura


I also like Great Composers and  Michelangelo's World.


Perhaps your library has them or you could obtain them through inter-library loan.






These look great. I found another one by Piero Ventura called Clothing. Excited to check that out as well since my dd wants to be a fashion designer. Thanks for the suggestions!

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