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Slightly OT. More graduate school questions ...

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For those of you who know about applying to grad school ...


Ds graduated with a BS in Biology in December and has applied to graduate programs in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.  He has good GRE scores, a very good GPA, and quite a bit of research experience (including co-authorship on a paper submitted for publication.)  He was a little late in contacting professors at prospective universities (he started in November when apps were due in December.)  Some of you may remember my panicked post back then trying to help him get back on track since his adviser was not very available to him at the time.   


So far, he has only heard back from one university so far and has been invited to a prospective graduate student weekend at that program.  When should he expect to hear from other schools?  Is it a bad sign that he has not heard back from any of the other professors at the other schools?  Is there something he should be doing now?  Should he contact those professors at the other schools asking if they have had a chance to review his submission?


His plan B, should he not get into accepted to something that he wants, is to work, retake the GRE to up his quantitative score (decent, but could be better), take the GRE Biology test (he didn't know he should take it) and reapply next fall, spending more time talking to professors at prospective schools.  He just got a temp job doing water sampling and analysis for the water reclamation district.  He's hoping that will lead to another job in the meantime. 


Any advice I can pass off to him? 



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