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Mechanics of writing workbook?


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I'm looking for some kind of workbook that my 6th grader could do independently and practice the rules of punctuation, capitalization, etc. We've gone over basics while learning grammar and writing but I can tell she needs more practice and explanation.




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For my kids, doing workbooks on punctation and capitalization doesn't transfer to their original writing.


I tried the Evan Moor Daily Paragraph Editing workbook, but I didn't like it because it was both too hard and

too easy for my kids. For my struggling speller, it was too hard to find the misspelled words. The capitalization

mistakes were too easy. The punctuation mistakes were not the types of mistakes she wold make.


I switched to a form of reverse dictation. I stripped out all the punctation and capitalization and corrected all the spelling.

I had my DD handwrite the paragraph with correct punctation and capitalization, but she didn't have to worry

about spelling at the same time. (She does a separate spelling program.)

That worked for a while, but I think they are ready for something more.


I am about to take the next step and move on to a sentence composing approach.

Basically, all the information in the passage is chopped up into little sentences and she

has to combine the information in her own sentences. The result is closer

to her natural writing voice. Then I clean up the mechanics with her. Unfortunately

with this method there is no answer key.

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