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I'm planning for high school.  I started homeschooling my 8th grader this year.  He loves history and I started with Volume I Mystery of History and it's been a good fit.  He is developmentally delayed and dyslexic and I like the various options presented to delve deeper into a subject.  I plan on sticking with MOH which will take him through 11th grade.  He absolutely loves American History and I would like to have more than 1 year to cover it all (beyond the coverage in Volume 4 of MOH).  Does anyone have an opinion on teaching American History along with MOH?  I don't want to confuse him, the timeline has been a real benefit to him.  Thanks!  

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Bright Ideas Press, which publishes MOH, also publishes All American History, which is a two year program for grades 6-12.

As far as fitting it all in - MOH1 has 36 weeks but volumes 2,3 and 4 only have 28 weeks each. All American History has 32 weeks each year for a total of 184 weeks (5 school years plus 4 weeks). There will be some overlap between the two so I am sure you could fit it all in to five years. If you want to stick to chronological, just look at the table of contents for both and slot the lessons in where they fit chronologically.

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