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Skipping lessons in Singapore Math?


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We are on 5A. My child was in public school. He came home last year. I found one of the books to be redundant, which is likely because there is a different scope and sequence. I am not worried about that at all. I used this with an older child and have worked with Singapore Math before. He really wanted the Singapore Math, so we accepted this issue. I gave him the placement test for 5A and found that he had two topics he still needed to learn. I got the book anyway then because he needs those topics. It is order of operations and the area ones. The rest he has. Overall, 1/3 of the book would be new. 


I am thinking of still having him do 100% of the workbook, so he can use the pages for topics he already knows for review. But then only doing the stuff out of the textbook that is new. Unless, of course, he has trouble with those topics in the workbook. So still having him do the entire workbook will show me if he actually has trouble in these areas that he seemed to know weeks ago when he took the test.


Would you consider this a mistake? We already started the book so I do not want to go back and purchase IP or anything. I want to work with what I have.


edited to add: he is a 6th grader. I know not to think about "he is behind" but he really is. His test scores always put him in the 99th and 98th percentile and his former classmates he was in class with will be moving on to algebra or pre algebra in 7th grade, and I did not home school him so he can end up behind where he would have been if he stayed there.

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I might just have him do 3-5 questions each in the lessons he knows already.  Pick a variety of the harder ones.  If he gets these all correct, I'd feel comfortable continuing that way.  If he struggles, then I'd spend more time going over each lesson thoroughly.

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