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I need a good laundry folding podcast.


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The Black Tapes podcast is pretty good. Some of the acting is a little strained, but a few episodes really freaked me out. 


I second the Message. That one was good.


Not a story, but Stuff You Should Know is a lot of fun. The two guys who do it are great together.

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Thanks so much everyone!


My dad and I used to listen to radio mysteries on Sunday nights, I'm an old Prairie Home Companion fan, and I did reader's theater in high school, so the podcast drama format is something I truly enjoy. I don't mind that it's a tad melodramatic (I have been known to listen to the gospelly Unshackled), and less than stellar production quality is fine since my best memories are from oooooold shows.


I have enjoyed Limetown but the production schedule is painfully slow. I tackled a big organizing project a few days ago and went through all of the Message, that was fun! I will give these others a try.


Debating on the first year of Serial, I haven't listened to that one but for some reason I don't feel drawn to it.

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Let's see...Stuff You Should Know is really good. I also like Reply All, LOVED season 1 of Serial (and am enjoying the 2nd season); Undisclosed goes even deeper. Startup is good, too. I've liked all the Moth episodes I've listened, too.

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