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What are your yeahs and sighs?

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I wanted to start this post because progress with our special ones can be so slow and any little progress deserves praised and happiness and smiley faces. However things in there lives can cause us to sigh. I wanted to call them boos but that is just too depressing and makes me feel hopeless---so sighs are a better way to express the situation as it could mean it is what is or will need more work



3yrs old



he is potty trained day and night

He is making sound effects

He can say mama now

He can sign his name sign

He can sign colors

He can recognize numbers

He is not color blind

Not deaf

Receptive skills just fine

Good fine motor skills

Can use mouse

Can use Youtube

Can sign: game, different, cold, hot, big, small, eat/food

Can sign different animals, foods, tell me the phone is dead and needs charging, watch firetruck videos

Knows prepositions but not able to express it

Good gross and fine motor skills

Starting to hug more

Make more eye contact

Doesn't totally communicate like Curious George



Diagnosed with seizure disorder last month, not on meds as I'm stalling as long as possible

Diagnosed with autism

Expressive verbal skills delay-minimal words or what little words said are not clear (Minion talk)

Still doesn't look at cameras for pics

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Love this, because it is easy to concentrate on the "sighs" and forget the "yeahs."


3.5 yo yeahs


Potty trained in a half a day over Christmas break

Has gained 20 words and 10 approximations since Sept when he started ST.

He hugs his SLP when he arrives.

He will sit for 40 min beig read to



He has been classified as severe in his speech problem

His tantrums are getting worse

He has 11 of 12 preschool symptoms of ADHD

He has only learned 20 words in 4 months of ST.

We have a very long road ahead.

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