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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Woke up at 4:30 a.m!  I gotta cut down on my coffee intake!


Plan lessons

finish laundry started yesterday

Deliver chicken to parish for homeless shelter

do academics with kids (math, history, science, Latin)

Nag er, talk to 20 year about his plans


Still haven't made dental appt!!!  Do that!

exercise or take walk

Get whole family to do a serious but quick tidy up

French toast and fruit compote for dinner


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Good morning! I realized last night that I forgot to post yesterday. Super busy. We made an offer on a house, but the chances of getting it are slim. Apparently, there are 8 other offers on a house that went on the market two days ago. Sigh.

Oh well, more work today.


To do:

School for all

Work at house with ds1 for a while (need him to move some heavy stuff for me)

Ds2 drivers ed class (need to print out permission slip and dig out passport)

PM practice

Meet friend for coffee

Various other bits and pieces of chores/bills/phone calls/ emails


Have a great day!

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Tidy up

Garbage out

laundry wash, fold, put away


do some work - email finance guy, send thank you's

go on a walk/run

dry cleaning drop off



violin practice (no lessons today - yay!!)

dinner: cheesy potato soup  (faux potato soup for me, if I can find a recipe) 

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Good morning
- dishes- load 2 in dishwasher
- laundry- load 3 in dryer
- fold laundry- nope
- tidy house- round 1 done
- talk to sitter about coming over this weekend just to hang out with the girls- done
- start getting other things ready for Monday- have binder ready (well until Saturday when classes are posted online and I print stuff) and registered for some extras that will be helpful (and will reduce my costs for reference materials, I'd rather look it up online then have a book on the shelf that will be out dated next year)
- get dd1 off bus- done
- help her with any school work and have her practice her spelling words for tomorrow's test at school- just spelling stuff- done
- dinner- done
- baths- done
- bedtime routine- it's a miracle both girls are asleep in their own beds and they were both asleep before 9 pm (i'm not making Juli take a nap any more and it's to my benefit because I'm going to need to go to bed earlier to get up for school) 
- anything else I get done- cleaned out fridge, shoveled pile of snow that Chip kept getting tangled up on (it wasn't big, just that our dog isn't very smart), had girls clean their room, have dd2's new car seat set up for the sitter and dh (it's for the sitter's car and dh's truck) it's set up for forward facing though she is still rear facing in my car (well until the 23rd). 

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Well it is almost 1 and I'm just now getting around to posting. I wish it was because we were super productive this morning,but really it was because I slept in until 10! We at least are done with school.


- quick clean downstairs

- call Lowes because the delivery company never called to give us a time for delivery

- clean computer room

- clean kid's bathroom

- clean downstairs bathroom

- do some form of exercise

- read for an hour

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  • Woke up to an unscheduled discussion with boss at 6:30am, yippee!  [done]


Kids up & ready to school.  [done]


Assemble kids' gifts for friends that they bought on our trip.  [done]


Kids off to school.  [done]


A little exercise.  [done, but should do more]


Check emails etc.  [done]


Work.  Lots to do.


Laundry.  [sorted into 6 loads; five washed so far, four dried, three folded & put away.]


Clean kitchen.  [mostly done, need to put away clean dishes.]


Tidy the kids' rooms some.  [yeah, it's their job, but I want to give them a fresh start after all the craziness]


A little reading.  [done, but will do more]


Get the kids' Christmas gifts out of the main area of the house.


Kids' homework and make-up work.


Maybe do some yoga with the kids?


Not sure about dinner - something lazy.


Kids to bed.


More work.


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The new range is installed! I'm thankful my dad just happened to be here when they delivered the range. Because although I was able to unhook it easily enough I didn't want to have to do all the wiring for the new range. Time to test it out.


While dinner cooks I'm going to clean the bathrooms

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2 pm check in to try and collect my thoughts.


So far I have done:


human care

pet care

medical care including shots that should have been done on Monday but oh, well, they are done now  (yes, this is a run-on sentence.  I'm giving you an example to use in your homeschool)

filled out 4/5 of the FAFSA (the hard part is still to come)

looked unsucessfully for ds's lit. book.  Hemingway, where are you?

grocery shopped and figured out what to make for dinner while I was in the grocery store so score on that point.

put away groceries

cleaned the kitchen


Next up:


finish working on the FAFSA

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All done here except for school prep.

Chx tacos/taco salad for dinner.


Ds was very ornery and immature today and I am wiped out.

Listening to James Taylor, enjoying some chips and a beer, liking my tired dog asleep on his bed, waiting for Dh to get home for dinner. I do like rest/room time for the hour right before dinner. Saves my sanity many an evening!

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