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What new skill have you learned recently?


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I already knew how to change a tire, but on Sunday I finally learned how to change the oil in one of our cars. (DH assures me it works exactly the same way in the other car.) Pro-tip: Wear safety glasses because when I first got under the car and DH was showing me the bolt I needed to remove, crud fell into my eye. Also, having a piece of cardboard to lay on makes it easier to slid under the car. 


What new skill have you learned in the last few months?

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I learned how to repair a printer. That sounds more impressive than "I learned to follow troubleshooting videos and found that a pen had somehow fallen into my printer's paper feed slot".


I learned how to fix a difficult-to-explain problem involving "ghost files" in my iPhone's video app. Sounds silly but it was driving me a little nuts (as in I was starting to rant about it to friends) and it took me hours so I was very proud of myself. I'm getting much better with all things technological, actually.


I can change a tyre, but the oil thing has never come up.

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Over Christmas I learned how to dye fabric using Rit dye. And then sew 10-20 foot strips of the fabric onto a 40 foot header to make a forest for Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion to dance through.


I also learned how to answer my new cell phone when it rings  :blushing: The first time someone called me I honestly had no clue how to answer the thing ... I mostly text, so this whole using-a-phone-for-talking business is HARD.


In September I tried to learn French before we went to Paris.


Also, how to drive around in a Home Depot rental truck without taking out any mail boxes.

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