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Are you kidding me?!? $200 minumum for 4 used Destinos CDs?!?

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I'm trying to find CDs for the Destinos workbooks. I have the textbook and the 7 CDs that are for the textbook. I also have the 2 workbooks, all of which I got for around $100, which I think was a pretty good deal, and they even came with the DVDs, which is nice for when my not always reliable internet connection is down. The CDs for the 1st workbook (lessons 1-26) are affordable, I picked them up on amazon for $15 used.


But these are all that comes up for CDs for the 2nd workbook (lessons 27-52):



starts at $399!



starts at $208!



starts at $344!


So am I doing something wrong or searching for the wrong thing? Are these CDs really that in demand and/or that hard to find? If they are really that expensive, I might just have him skip those exercises in the workbook that require the CDs ... but that just drives me crazy, to skip stuff that might be important.

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Try searching on eBay and search every day. If the CDs you want are like textbooks, the supply on Amazon is *much* larger. That said, I have purchased 2 textbooks  for DD on eBay and saved A LOT of money by buying them on eBay and not from Amazon Marketplace Sellers, as I usually do. GL getting them in good condition and at a good price!   Search with the ISBN number(s) if they have them.

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bummer that the other link is textbook.... 


hmmm... this link says it's workbook audio.  any help on that?




and this link may have some useful info for you with the cd's you have




That first link is for the workbook. Thank you so much!


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