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I am happy about soap.


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I hadn't jumped on the handmade soap bandwagon because... no good reason. Except maybe price.  And the idea of gooey soap holders. But my (family owned) local supermarket has been selling handmade soap, and the guy manning the table finally cornered me last week.  Turns out, they're selling for just $3/bar. So, why not?


O.M.G.  I have been missing out all this time!  I have dry skin and a bit of psoriasis.  I lather up with moisturizer constantly and still get flaky everywhere.  Except for the past few days.  During our coldest snap of the season yet. WIth electric heat running full blast.  I feel soft and clean and yummy and absolutely not flaky.


I don't know what this guy's base is, but I'm going to talk to him when I go back to buy more for the rest of the family.  I even started looking into making my own, but I don't know if I'm going to splurge on the big start up cost.  Regardless, I'm a convert.  If you haven't yet, you have to try!!!  You're welcome!

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That's exactly what sold me on homemade soap OP. I had dry itchy skin and tried everything. I bought all kinds of moisturizing soaps, lotions, etc. Then I did some research on the way my city water system works and was convinced that was the cause. I figured there wasn't anything I could do about it.


SIL gave me homemade soap and a knitted spa cloth as a gift, and OMG! I was sold on homemade soap and now that's all I use. I have a local soap maker I buy from. No more dry, itchy skin.

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