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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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really enjoying the summer break.


Went for a 4 km walk pushing twins in pram. :coolgleamA:


regular housework


Dh booked his ticket for Canada and will be departing next week. MIL had stroke and will probably end up in nursing home (94 years old) FIL has suddenly started doing strange things like stripping off all clothes and walking around outside at night while it is - 15. very high probability he will be going into nursing home ( 93 years old)

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Comforting a fairly sick 6yo...who only wants to rest if she's next to me...we were up most of the night. I could get her to sleep for about 2 hours, then she'd start coughing, and it took a good 30-60 minutes to get it all calmed down and her back to sleep.

Cancelled school. I'm too tired. I just got Boo back to sleep.


Finishing cookie trays (not sick kids)

More laundry. Just picking up.

Swim practice

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Good morning! I am up early for our crazy busy day.


To do:

Get everyone up in about 5 minutes

Breakfast for all/breakfast sandwich to take to dd1 when we pick her up

Head back to house (donuts as bribe #1)

Pick up truck

Load truck

Clean out garage fridge and freezer

Fill up storage unit

Empty out garage

Return truck

Load van with donation things

Take kids to lunch (bribe #2)

Home to rest

PM practice

Back and forth between practice and judo until home around 9pm


Have a great day!

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Good morning, all!


Kids have practiced piano and are outside running around with the pup. Cold here today! 




Trader Joe's?


get boxes down from the attic?

begin undecorating the tree?



dinner - salmon patties, broc, rice and another veg

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Good morning
- drop dd2 off at dh's work- bag packed and car warming- done
- get TB test done (ask about flu shot) and drug test- TB test done, drug test will be done tomorrow
- pick up dd1 from school, pick dd2 up from dh- dd1 is riding bus, have dd2- got dd1 off bus
- go to regular health care provider for chicken pox titer blood work and ask about flu shot- titer done, they don't have any flu shots so will see if I can get one tomorrow from Walmart or riteaid
- laundry- in dryer
- dishes- in dishwasher
- tidy house- round 1 done
- dinner- done
- baths- done
- bedtime routine- done and in their own beds :)
- anything else I get done- wiped counters and stove (I had wiped before bed last night and it was dirty again when I woke up, for people who don't really eat breakfast, dh and dd1 sure can make a mess of the kitchen), got trash can from road, helped dd1 with her spelling, am officially on the part time student honoree dean's list. My goal for this semester (starting this coming Monday) is to be on the president's list (though I will need straight As in all 3 classes to do this) if I don't make it to that, well the Dean's list will work to (a bit more realistic with me having B+ in all three classes, one of my classes is 9 credits)

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I'm in a bad way.  I'm having to use my big gun pain pills but they don't take away the pain totally and they also really mess with my stomach.  I'm allergic to codeine so I'm really limited when it comes to pain pills. The pain pills make me dizzy.  I have been super dizzy this morning and when I told dd that, she told me "Don't fall on me."  :glare:   I just might fall on her on purpose. 


Dd has done math and Spanish so far. 

I cleaned 80% of the kitchen.  I think that makes me a BA because I got really really dizzy every time I had to bend over. 


I am going to try and find some food now. 

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Arg.... Went to do my drug test today and was told they don't do it, though I called yesterday and asked if they did the specific test I need and they said they did. Now I have to drive about 2 hours one way south of me to a place that I know for sure does the test I need (it's recommended on my paper work so that's where I will go). And to top it off the health department and my doctor are both out of flu shots so I need to go to Walmart or Riteaid to get that done.

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Back home with only a little damage to furniture and house. Roof guy comes to fix a brand new leaky gutter (humph) tomorrow along with a garage door repairman ( that was the damage to the house). But you get what you pay for. My moving crew (who also scrubbed out the refrigerator and freezer in the garage) was dirt cheap. All it cost was the largest Chick-Fil-A order I have ever placed.


Now a brief rest period before PM practice, (ds1 left early for his coaching gig) and a drive to judo.

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