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So what does everybody think of the trailer for the BFG movie?


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I can't say it does anything to relieve my concerns about how this would work.


I wouldn't have thought of The BFG as a good candidate for film, because so much of it is really just talking, without a lot of action.  My guess is that they might deviate quite a lot from the book story.

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I'm not sure how excited I want to get.


The trailer doesn't look too bad, but if I get my hopes up and it turns out to be a travesty (like movies from books often are) then I'll be super disappointed. So I want other opinions to help me decide how I feel :)


Based on the book, the trailer would be about the first two minutes of the film (unless they really drag out the beginning) so there's not much to go on.  But I love Sophie's glasses- not so much because they're cute, but because they're the way they're supposed to be.  I hope she wears them throughout the film.


I love the BFG.  I hope this is good, but I think Bluegoat could be right.

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