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Semester science courses?

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Hi all,

My dd doesn't dig science, although she is math minded and does fine in her science courses.  She just prefers english/history and the arts.   ;)  A little background... She did Rainbow Science in junior high, OM Environmental Science (not counting it as a lab science) her 9th grade year, and is now doing Biology at a co-op (will count as lab science).  I don't think they will get through the entire Biology textbook, so she will probably not be doing the anatomy chapters.  She is not too keen on taking physics, or chemistry for that matter.  Is it horrible to do physical science her 11th grade year so she gets some chemistry and physics?  I know that is typically a 9th grade class, if not 8th grade (I would make sure it is a highschool level text).  Or could she do the high school level of RS4K chemistry to get a semester credit in chemistry?  She could then do a semester anatomy course, since she will not cover that this year in Biology.  She is also interested in doing astronomy and/or some earth science sometime, too.  We already have the Great Courses Understanding the Universe, Our Night Sky, and How the Earth Works, so that would be pretty easy to pull together.

Is it weird to have semester courses in science on a transcript?  I know typically kids take year long courses (I know I did a gazillion years ago when I was in high school), but I would rather see my dd exposed to the different fields of science instead of focus on just chemistry or physics in order to check off a box on her transcript.  She is college bound and has no idea what she wants to do, but she is definitely artsy and will probably follow that path somehow.  I have looked into the admission requirements for some of the schools she is interested in, and it doesn't specifically say chemistry or physics, just biology and other lab sciences.

I would appreciate any thoughts you might have, as I am not super science savvy.   :)



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Is it weird to have semester courses in science on a transcript?

Some of the high schools are on block schedule and does a year's worth of science in a semester. So it won't be weird.

The community college courses are semester or quarters too so dual enrollment kids would have science in semesters instead of year long.

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I don't think one semester science courses are all that weird. I know my way-back-in-the-ice-ages advanced physics was a one semester course as was my biochemistry class. I'm considering something of the sort for DD#1 who isn't a science kid (at this point) once she's done with physics & chemistry (both with labs). (We might skip Biology completely, but do some sort of ocean/animal one semester science thing.)

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