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Keyboarding Without Tears for Older Kids


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I would place them by the grade that they are doing most language arts... if that makes any sense?  The kid I have placed by ability is LOVING KWT. The one I have placed by grade, but who is working above grade level finds KWT boring and slow moving.  Also, the program may not be a good fit for certain children.  I have another kid who has figured out how to mash keys or hold certain keys down in such a way as to finish the exercises without actually typing.  I have to babysit him if I want him to actually do the lessons.  


There is a thing online where I can see the kids' progress, how many exercises they've completed, speed and accuracy, and how many days they've worked, but I'm not quite satisfied with it.  I also dislike that completed exercises cannot be revisited.  The program only moves forward.

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I looked into KWT and wasn't satisfied with how it corrected kids - good typing corrections should show the child on the screen how to do it right so that the child doesn't develop the habit of looking at the keyboard when stuck. BBC Typing (free! fun!) does this well, which is why I was so snobby about it!


For my kids, I have them work through BBC typing, doing most lessons 2-4 times. When they graduate from that, they have formed the habit of not looking at fingers and they generally know where keys are. Then they move on to typing.com (free! not very fun). When they graduate from intermediate, they get to type narrations instead of write them. DS finished intermediate with word speed of about 40 WPM and pretty darn good accuracy. DD just finished BBC typing. Her general speed on lessons is 16 WPM, tests is 8 WPM. So nothing to write home about, but she isn't looking at fingers.



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