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If you would like us to call you back......


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That was stupid.


I called and was placed on hold.  Then they came on and said, "Your wait time is greater than 15 minutes.  If you would like to be called back, please press 1."


I pressed 1 and hung up.


They called me back within 2 minutes, and then put me on hold for 15 more minutes with no option for a call back.


Never mind that they couldn't help me and then transferred me over to another hold, where I have been an additional 17 minutes and still holding.



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I love it when people call me and then they expect me to hold for them.  I didn't call them, they called me, but they are not ready to talk with me. Their time is more important than my time and they are obviously much more important than I am.   Very rude as in your example.  

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The only thing more frustrating than this? I was in a queue for an online support chat. Watched it count down from 35 people ahead of me to...being NEXT. A few seconds later, it cancelled the chat saying no one was available to assist me. I wanted to throw things. :)

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