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Self-Education: Second Sino-Japanese War and the Manhattan Project

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We are discussing WW2 for the first time in our homeschool. I have read a decent amount about the war in Europe, but I have embarrassingly limited knowledge about the Pacific Theater.  I find myself wanting to understand more fully the Second Sino-Japanese War (and how it led to the decision to bomb Pearl Harbor). Actually, I wouldn't mind a better understanding of the Pacific Theater of WW2 as a whole. Do you have any book recommendations for me on this topic? I looked at Amazon and there are just tons of options. I'd love a recommendation on places to start researching.


Also, I would love a book on the Manhattan Project. Again, there seems to be a wealth of resources, I'd just like a place to get started on the topic. I would like to start with an overview, and I'll rabbit trail once I have a better framework.


Thanks so much!

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Gosh, I did my senior thesis on the U.S. Diplomatic response to the invasion of Manchuria, and my dad was a navy pilot who fought in the Pacific, but I don't remember much at all! Shame on me. But let me hunt around and see if I can come up with something for you.


Ok, I had to look at book lists to jog my memory. Stilwell and the American Experience in China is excellent. It is by Barbara Tuchman so it is well researched and highly engaging. Also my dad loved the book by Herman Wouk, War and Remembrance. This a novel but historically accurate.


I can't help with the Manhattan Project but Hiroshima by Hershey used to be required reading in school.

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The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang was ground breaking.


There is a documentary called Nanking that is highly spoken of.  It's been on my watch list for a couple years.


I'll check my shelves and see what else is good.  Are you looking for experiences of the period or analysis of Japanese aims and actions that lead to the decision to attack Pearl Harbor?

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