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Game recommendations for iphone

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I'm about to go on a long flight and I want some good games for my phone. I don't mind buying a game if it's not then going to require in-app purchases or for me to recruit more players.


I really enjoyed China Wall, the original Angry Birds, and Bubble Witch before it became impossible to play more than 5 minutes at a time. Cut the Rope got too frustrating.


Any suggestions?

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Well, it does  cost but my favorite is iAssociate2. It's a word game. You get the first 4 or 5 puzzles free then you have to pay for new ones. I pay $10 for a 12,000 tokens then use those to buy games. Most games are 895 and 995 tokens. My family is highly addicted to this game.

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FallCross.  It's a game where you uncover pictures in a grid.  You are given a string of numbers indicating how many spaces are filled in for a given row or column, and by working out which spaces are filled in and which aren't, you reveal the picture.  There's a lot you can do without making any in-app purchases, and if you solve the daily puzzle, you get points you can apply towards "purchases".  You can also get points by making and sharing your own puzzles, so you can play a lot without having to make any purchases if you don't want to.


Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection is a large collection of puzzles - no fancy bells and whistles, just good challenging puzzles.  Each can be customized by size and easy/hard level.  It's great to have new puzzles to try without having to seek out a new game, and the app never crashes for me.  Read the help section to understand how to use the controls on your phone.

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For a variety of puzzle-type games, I really like Logic Games by Andrea Sabbatini. It was either free or very cheap.


Free. And there's 100 of them in my version. I mean 100 different GAMES, with 20-50 instances of each game.


Ynth was a well-done little puzzle game ($2ish), and Soosiz was a really cute platformer for $1. Peggle blast is free and a fun time-waster.


Frotz is free and you can download loads of text-based games. I'm so terrible at those :p

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