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What is out there in non-Smart phones for younger teen? Best place to look? Anything other than flip phones?

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We are about to buy our son his first phone, and want an inexpensive "dumb phone" -- only the capability for calls and texts, no internet.  But our very old flip phone is uncool (even I get that).  And really hard to text on, too.  Our idea is to buy the phone until he is used to carrying and takes good care of it, then move eventually to a phone with data. 


I've heard recommendations for Tracphones -- but I'm clueless as to where to start looking, and also what is out there.  Should I start with Best Buy? Target? Walmart?  Where first?


Any suggestions (soon if possible!) would be much appreciated.

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Honestly, even DH's flip phone has an internet browser. Not a good one, and I can't imagine using it, but it's there. (Yes, I'm married to a software engineer-who carries a flip phone. However, I have a Nokia Lumia windows phone and an iPad-so he just uses mine!).



One option that is a smart phone, but not a particularly "appy" one is a windows phone. They're available Pay as you go for about $50 or so, and while they are "smart" and can do internet, they have parental controls so you can disable that-and pretty much all their apps are practical, business ones. My DD wanted one, and we actually got her a cheap android tracphone instead because the android could play games and function like an iPod touch on wifi, and the windows phone doesn't.



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