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PBS Mercy Street

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Anybody have high schoolers studying American history?  We are and we happen to live not so far from Alexandria where this 6 part TV series is set.  It looks interesting.  I hope it isn't over the top gory or anything as I have a sensitive 14 yo dd who gets disturbed by realistic depictions of that kind of stuff.  


Anybody planning to watch?  Here's the link:

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My DD14 and I just saw the previews for this last night while watching Downton Abbey. We both think it looks worth watching. I checked the rating and it's listed as TV14, so it will likely be just the two of us for at least the first episode. I'm also hoping the violence won't be too strong since I'd like to have my 12 (almost 13 year old) DS watch too. But he is my more sensitive one.

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