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Memory and the new Kindle Fire


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Do we need to up the memory and grab an SD card if we are only using these as e-readers?


We plan on using them only for library downloads and public domain content for now . . . no games or streaming vids.


How many books can one hold?


My boys have 85 books checked out now (using library DL) if that helps qualify.



It would depend on what apps we add to it I would imagine. . . .


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Three of our 8gb kindle fire have 64gb SD cards.

Our 8gb kindle fires has about 1gb free space left which is why the 8gb Kindles get the SD card while our 16gb Kindles do not need them. My kids love taking photos with their tablets


We bought the SD card when they were on sale to use for Lego Mindstorm originally.

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Ebooks are quite tiny files compared to other stuff you can put on a tablet.  Also, library downloads won't be staying on there indefinitely since the checkout period ends.  Running out of space is generally due to lots of apps.  Ebooks shouldn't be a problem at all.  I have a Kindle Keyboard which had, I think, 4mb of storage.  I have about 400 books downloaded on it and have barely any space used.  I've had as many as 2,000 books on it at once time.

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You should be fine.  I got extra memory on mine and I don't think I really need it.  I mostly stream music (instead of downloading it).  Apps take up much more space than e-books.  I had hundreds of books on my old paperwhite without any trouble.  I have quite a few apps on my Fire, but haven't come close to using up the memory.  

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