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Best Cleaning/Home organizational app???


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I loved the motivated moms app. The only downside is you have to pay every year for the new list. I figure it's a lot cheaper than a housekeeper so I don't mind.


I looks like I've used house routines in the past. I don't remember why I didn't like it but I do remember I didn't use it long. It's been at least two years so it may have improved.

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I've tried so many (on Android) and been disappointed by all of them. I finally ended up spending a bunch of time plugging all of my various routines and chores into Google calendars, and that has worked the best of everything I tried. I paid for the MM calendars for years, and I paid for the app a few years ago as well. So I felt OK using an old MM calendar as a jumping off point, and then I tweaked/added/removed as necessary.


I have two calendars, one for daily household chores and one that lists out my daily routine. I don't really use the daily routine one anymore since I plugged all that into a task list app, but I still use the household chores one. And because it's a Google calendar, I can set it to send me a daily email that lists everything on that particular calendar for that day. For example, at 5 a.m. today, I got an email that says:


xxxxx @ gmail.com, here is your schedule for:


Sun Dec 27, 2015


All day Sun Dec 27 Clean out and organize medicine cabinets Today's Chores

All day Sun Dec 27 Change D's/B's pillowcases Today's Chores

All day Sun Dec 27 Clean drawers of refrigerator Today's Chores

All day Sun Dec 27 Vacuum main floor and stairs/landing Today's Chores

All day Sun Dec 27 Vacuum furniture in living room (living room) Today's Chores

All day Sun Dec 27 Spend 10 minutes decluttering office Today's Chores



ETA: Oh, and because I can have multiple home screens on my Android phone, this is I how I set them up. On my true home screen, I have a widget that shows whatever my next actual event/appointment is. If I swipe left, the next screen shows the month's calendar with all real events (not to-do lists or chores). If I swipe left again, the next screen shows the Today's Chores calendar in agenda style by day, so I can go to that screen very quickly if I need to and scroll through the daily chore lists.


Disclaimer: None of this means that my house is ever clean. It does make me feel in control though! :lol:

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