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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning, it looks like dd1 has some sort of stomach bug, not sure if flu or not but regardless I won't take her in to the doctor unless dehydrated because she's allergic to tamiflu- she seems to be better, her and dd2 are arguing

- dishes- load 2 in dishwasher

- laundry- in dryer

- fold laundry- just need to finish dh's and I's clothes along with socks

- take down tree- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- start before school deep clean- bathroom done

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw, ok having left overs- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine

- prepare for winter storm coming tomorrow (1/4" ice and 5" snow, I'm worried about the ice)- put bike and trike in shed, filled water bottles, the rest will be tonight (making sure all devices are charged like phones, mifi jet pack, kindle and laptops), helped dh put the cover for his truck bed on top of camper (no time to put it on and we don't want it broke so we laid it flat on the roof of the popup camper)

- anything else I get done- set up my school only planner (I bought some pretty colored sharpie pens to color code my classes, now to wait for sylibi to write in assignments and what not), put diapers in caddy, made Amazon wish list for nursing school (and accidentally posted it to my timeline on Facebook, I meant to PM it to someone who asked), untangled Chip's tie out (had a bunch of sticks tangled up in it) and raked out his area, put boxes in burn pit.

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did laundry,


2 hours of therapy with twins


some gardening - mostly pruning down to ground level all the plants that were killed in the heat wave a week ago


hit by some sort of gastric complaint and spent the rest of the day dashing to the toilet


 dd15 cooked tea and supervised twins eating


I got twins off to bed and went to bed myself at 7 pm.


DH came home ( he had been out with a friend most of the day) and thought he cleaned up the kitchen :001_rolleyes:  which meant he actually cleaned the things in the sink but left all the leftover food in the pots on the stove. :rolleyes:  He was so proud to tell me this morning ( Mon) how he tidied up the kitchen. :001_rolleyes:




Really really hope the gastric complaint does not travel through the family as I have to take twins 400 km on public transport on Wednesday...............

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Hi, checking in from my travels.


We flew out on Christmas day after a really crazy mix-up.  Our 6pm flight ended up being a 2pm flight due to a cancellation, but nobody bothered to tell us, so when we accidentally found out, I had to ditch all other plans, stuff whatever I could think of into our suitcases, and rush to the airport.  Just so we could arrive in Toronto 5 hours before our next flight.  Oh well, I did like the Toronto airport.  They have ipads for public use, and nice tables to sit at while you wait.  You can even order food at your table.  So it wasn't too bad.


The plane was in flight and all was well, until the pilot told us we couldn't cross the Atlantic because of an engine problem.  We also couldn't go back right away either, because there was too much fuel for a landing or however that works.  So we flew around for another 1.5 hours and landed and hung out some more in Toronto and got on another plane in the middle of the night.  Needless to say I was annoyed.  :p  Then in Barcelona, we went to pick up our rental car, but it had been canceled because we were more than 2 hours late.  They said they didn't have any more cars.  So we had to figure that out.  By the time we got to our hotel, it was almost dark on Saturday.  We did have some fun Saturday night and Sunday.


Now I have a lot of work to do tonight.  I was supposed to do it all before I left, but obviously that wasn't realistic.  I will be working pretty much all night tonight.  (The kids have been asleep for some hours.)


To do:

  • Pay bills that are coming due.  [done]
  • Download ethics course that I need to finish in order to keep my CPA license.  [done]
  • Register to renew my CPA license.  [need to call for password tomorrow.  :/]
  • See if I can sign some documents in PDF.  If so, sign them and send them out.  If not, figure out a way to print, sign, and scan them ASAP.  [done, yay]
  • Send out some loan servicing stuff.  [done]
  • About 25 operating profit analyses.  [done 6 so far.  :/]
  • Accounting for about 12 entities.  Send out reports for 7 of them.
  • Contact my sister about how to keep our fish alive.  [done]
  • Whatever else I'm forgetting.
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