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I hate it when I do this to myself


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Most days I am the first one awake in the house.  I like it that way.  Saturdays are best because usually there are no major obligations. Today my daughter had to be at work at 7 so we were both up early (when it is dark in the morning, or rainy, I drive her to work, otherwise she walks).  My husband and son are still asleep.  Great, right?  I'm basically alone in the house!


Except I didn't plan ahead last night. The book I'm reading, and want to get back to, is in my bedroom.  If I go in there now, I'll wake up my husband and at this point he won't go back to sleep. Also it's cold in the house (it's been really warm the last few days) and all my socks are in my bedroom.  My feet are cold! 


I can't do laundry or dishes because in this house it's impossible to do those things and not wake other people up.  It's just the way the floorplan is.


 I could even handle the cold feet if I could curl up with my book under a blanket.  And yes, there are plenty of other books to read, accessible in the living room or on kindle. It's just... you know.  When you want *that* book, nothing else will do.


Stupid petty problem but I don't like messing up my Saturday morning!  :001_rolleyes:

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I understand.


I can do other things w/o waking anyone, but what I really wanted to do this morning was head out for an early walk.  (I use the past tense there because to my way of thinking it's no longer early enough for an early walk.  We're into mid-morning territory.  ;)) 


But I forgot to bring down any walking clothes or shoes last night, and if I'd gone upstairs to get them from our bedroom I know I would have disturbed DH.

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