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Mmmmm Brunch on Christmas Morning


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The Plan:


Fancy Crackers

Fancy Cheese Platter

Cold Cuts and Pickles Platter

Fresh Veggie Platter

(Veggies + Cheese + Cold Cuts + Eggs) = Custom Omelettes

Sausage-Bisquick Balls

Fresh Bread & Butter

Sweet Baked Goods

Fresh Fruit Platter

Chocolate Fountain and Treats

Lemon-Pinapple Sorbet Punch

Tomato Juice

Soft Drinks


(Just Complimemt Me?)

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Sausage-bisquick-cheddar balls currently baking. My house smells like a cross between a pizza shop and a really good breakfast place.


Happy, while I didn't mention all the details, I couldn't *entirely* skip bacon. (Having amazing sausage balls is no excuse!) I have optional bacon bits to go in the custom omelettes. I wouldn't object to people getting otherwise creative with them any way they like.

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It's just us Christmas morning, so we have monkey bread every year.  That's the only day of the year we do it.


We get together later in the day with family (everyone in DH's family lives within a 60 mile radius, and all but one brother is coming to his parents on Christmas day) and I was GOING to start by making candy today, but instead I woke up this morning, got sick, went back to bed, and didn't get up again till almost 3!!  :(  I'm not feeling horrible right now, just that 'I was sick' feeling that you have after being sick, and I don't have a fever or anything like that.  

So if I feel up to it after dinner I'll make the candy.  Two kinds of puppy chow/chex mix, and some chocolate bark.  Hahahahahahah puppy chow and chocolate bark.  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tomorrow I'm making desserts (Dutch Letter Bars and Cherry Coffee Bars) and spinach dip; Friday after our morning festivities at home I'll make the hot stuff (Honey Garlic Meatballs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Pepper Jack Cheese Dip) to take over to the ILs.  


I'm excited!  I love Christmas!!

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Sounds yummy!!!


Bagels, maple breakfast links and yogurt for breakfast. 


Snack table for lunch--bought or made ahead:

mini meatballs in BBQ sauce 

sausage balls

pretzel twists w/ cheese and bacon

sparkling apple juice

fudge/fruitcake/candy tray

cheese balls

assorted crackers

chocolate satan pie   (thank you 10 year old--but thats satin)



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