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Grocery App that lets me copy/paste from excel?


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For years hubby has done all of of our family's shopping


He just got his first smart phone and wants to use a shopping app instead of the excell list I email him.


I love my excell list because it has columns for aisle #, priority (1 means buy today, 2 means buy next time you're shopping, 3 means whenever), and store (Costco, Grocery Store, Walmart, AutoMart, Lowes, and OfficeMart). I use FIND and SORT to manage 200 row list.


Anyone found an app that would let me copy paste from excell? He didn't like OneNote.

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Out Of Milk let me large import excel master grocery list, minus categories and aisle numbers, into what they call a "pantry list".  I'm not sure I'm sure how it's going to work out but at least I've found something to try.

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I chose Out Of Milk app because it works on laptop, my iPhone and hubbys Samsung Galaxay phone.  I spent an entire day using laptop and my iPhone to import my huge excell master grocery list and two weeks of recipes.  I then assigned categories to each item on list.  Hubby and I were thrilled with what seemed a fabulous app. 


Then I app closes itself each time I try to open shopping list using my iPhone, website won't delete items from shopping list, and recipe list doesn't work with iPhone.  Google searches show lots of similar complaints since recent update.  




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