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Re-enrolling in public school mid-year? What typically is required?

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I'm not looking for specifics (probably varies by school district and state). But what generally happens if you choose to re-enroll a child in public school mid-year? And if you wait until fall of the following year is this better?


I'm wondering if there is always testing, and whether if a child tests below grade level in reading (impt), whether the school would have them repeat the grade.


This is our 5th year homeschooling, and 3rd homeschooling our DD who is now in 3rd. We know there is impulsivity and hyperactivity issues (attention-related), but this year it's become a struggle across the board -- and our other older child (teen) is getting shortchanged because ALL the time and energy are going to address the struggles, adapt the curriculum constantly.


So... we're pursuing evaluations but also wondering what would happen exactluy when a family re-enrolls a child mid-year? Or at the start of a new year? Would greatly appreciate anyone being able to share their experience.


We are not ruling out homeschooling again, but for now -- this may be what is needed.

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