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One gift left - 15 yr old teen girl


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I want to buy her a complete book series.


A clean one.


That we don't already own.


It doesn't have to be a popular teen one, as long as it is mostly clean. (Clean = not a bunch of sex/boy crazy stuff. We both find that rather boring. Mild swearing can be ignored as long as it isn't on every page. Because again, that's boring.)


Some book series she's liked:


The dead and gone


Princess Academy


The Dredsen files (has not gotten to the last few books that are a bit racier) and Alera Codex


Rangers apprentice


Rick Rordan all of them


5th wave trilogy


Virals by Kathy Reichs (liked this a lot she says)


Hunger Games, divergent maze runner - fun fluff but she's bored with the basic same story theme


Does anyone have suggestions to make?

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My favourite series ever was Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce, we were just talking about it on the Gen Ed forum this month.


There's a bit of seuxal/boy content, to be expected from a teen girls book, but it's definitely not over the top, and is easily skimmed over (the 'sex scenes', if you can call them that, are done fade away style, no details). Her 'boyfriends' across the series are major characters in their own right, but the relationships are not the focus of the series by any means, they're a side plot. No real swearing (I think bastard appears a couple of times... or is that in Wild Magic, a later series?)

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Some of Dorothy Sayer's books of the Lord Peter Wimsey series?

The Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry (set in Victorian times)

The Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters  (set in Victoriran / Edwardian times)

A few of Jane Austen's books: "Emma," "Pride & Prejudice," etc.

Any book by Colleen Coble (mystery with some clean romance) (contemporary)

Books by Irene Hannon i.e. the Protector Series or Heroes of Quantico (contemporary)

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Does she like Jessica Day George? There's the Dragon Slippers series and the Twelve Dancing Princesses books.


I love Patricia Wrede's Frontier Magic trilogy. Very clean.


She likes Princess Academy -- did she read the two sequels? Does she like Hale's Books of Bayern? (Goose Girl, etc)

She has read Wrede books and liked them. And yes, she's current on all the book series I listed except for the Dresden files.


Off to google some of the others listed in the thread...


She doesn't mind relationship stuff. So the characters falling in love or being interested in each other isn't a problem. But that isn't about sex scenes and being boy crazy to us.

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This is a slightly different suggestion, but a series l adored:) it is very clean historical

Drama about WW2, it is LDS-based, but the series stands completely alone with nothing that would be problematic with Christian faith..


Children of the promise series:


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I really, really liked the Imperial Radch trilogy, and at her age books don't have to be explicitly YA, do they?


Other choices:


The American Fairy trilogy (starting with Dust Girl)


The Lunar Chronicles (more romance than I personally love,but there's plenty of other stuff and no sex)


Salvage and sequel Sound


The Leviathan trilogy


The Young Wizards series (NOT complete, the new one is out in a few months)


When We Wake (two books)


Ash Mistry (may be a bit young, but I enjoyed it)


The Clockwork Dark series


The Farsala Trilogy


The Patternmaster books by Octavia Butler


The Bartimaeus series


The Kiki Strike books 


Starglass (wasn't a fan of the conclusion)

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Based on the ones you listed....

Ender's Game

Seanan McGuire's October Daye series

Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series

possibly Shannon Myer's Rylee Adamson series, a bit of raciness, but less than most paranormal and really fantastic

Tomorrow When the War Began is a fantastic series too, kind of Red Dawn in Australia

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