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ISO light-hearted detective or caper tv/movies with humor


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One of the reasons we love Dr Who is that it's exciting, there's peril and tension, but also (usually) some good humor.


What other tv shows or current movies have that?  We have netflix, Amazon, and a library with DVDs.


Some favorite movies for reference:


The Sting

The Hot Rock

The Maltese Falcon (not a lot of humor but some amusing characters and moments)

North by Northwest




Not looking for anything that relies mostly on crude/vulgar humor.



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Columbo is a great suggestion; I love the show and others of that era (Rockford Files) but my kids find those older shows dated and not good.  Not sure why. They love old movies!   Old TV shows don't do it for them for some reason.


Lots of good suggestions here.

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BBC's Sherlock

Sherlock is wonderful but can have some very...twisted...moments. Not sure if you want to go that heavy?


The Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were entertaining, but I'm trying to remember now just how adult they were?

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Shoot, I was going to suggest It Takes A Thief but it's "old". I really enjoyed the recent Man From Uncle movie.


I loved It Takes a Thief and had a major crush on Robert Wagner as a teen.  :-)  That one is not available anywhere that I can find, unless I buy DVDs!    I'd watch it even if the kids would not.


We did see the recent Man from UNCLE movie and loved it.  I admit I have a hard time spending $2 per episode to watch the old TV show.  Yeah, I am cheap.  :-)

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