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MFW: US His 2

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In finalizing plans for dd's senior year, we've realized that the only two things she'll need at home is Modern US history and economics.  The rest is/will be done through dual enrollment. 


She is doing MFW this year (early US history).  This was our first year with MFW, and she's enjoyed it well enough.  We are trying to decide whether or not to get the MFW US2 guide, but just use it for US hist and econ. 


If I were just looking at using it for her, I would say it's not worth the cost, but I have several younger ones I think will be using it (full guide) in the next few years.  So for this reason,  assume cost is not a factor.


In looking at the samples, it really looks like we'd be ok with just keeping on going through the US History materials, scheduling it out similar to what's been done this year.  But I can't find samples for the economics.  Is it scheduled out with notes and specific assignments,  or is it more of the "Do economics" variety?


Also, how "do-able" would it be to complete the history and econ. together, rather than in two semesters----would you say the history was a pre-req to the econ?  She'd like to be done with both by Christmas, but would like to complete them side by side rather than double up on both and complete them consecutively.



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The Econ in a Box schedule is very detailed. however, it is the one included by the publishers of Econ in a Box. http://www.economicsinabox.com/files/syllabus.pdf


MFW's main planner does not duplicate the detail, so it will say week X day Y, and then you look at the teacher or student book in EBOX and it spell out a lot of detail.  (look at link I shared for that)

in other words, one does not need the mfw planner to do ebox.


yes, you could do history and econ the same semester if you wanted.   History is not a pre req at all.   MFW even sells the Econ as a stand alone elective.


The other stuff in the US2 guide that is there:

the last part of geography credit is scheduled

a reading list for English. modern novels.  you get to pick how many and which ones from the list. about 18-20 titles for the semester.

schedule to do the speech credit.

Bible credit is scheduled. (second semester has more flexibility so it looks blank by the last weeks)

and there's probably something else I've forgotten like a movie list for history.


I was glad to use it with oldest and had the planner. Next child uses it next year.  how did that happen? she can't be that old.   yes, you could just schedule the Us history on your own, and the ebox schedule is in the box or that link is good, right?   I was glad to have the planner.  mileage will vary.


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