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Stealth Dyslexia


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How much do you want to pay?  And who is paying it?  If your budget is $0, you're going to the ps for evals.  If you're self-pay, you can call anyone you want.  In that case, like wapiti, I'd be suggesting psych and vision evals.  You can get to Learning Ally to get a list of people in your area.  You can also get testing sometimes through a dyslexia school or tutor or service like Scottish Rite, but that testing will be incomplete.  Until you get IQ testing, they don't really have anything to compare achievement against.  


Stealth dyslexia is a controversial thing, and really it's not in the DSM.  You just have SLD reading.  That's not saying nothing is going on, just that it might get explained a different way from what you anticipate.  Any psych who can run a WISC, CTOPP, and an executive function survey can sort it out for you.

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