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A kid who LOVES Roald Dahl should try...


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I have a kid who struggled getting started reading, and then went through the can-read-but-doesn't-like-to phase.  She can read the words on any page, but comprehension is a bit below that.  She read a Roald Dahl, and the light turned on!  She has read everything he has written, and is hungry for more!  All she wants for Christmas is books, but only books that are "as funny and awesome as Roald Dahl books".  Suggestions?

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My dd loved Dahl, and she also loved the Sam Campbell books and Calvin & Hobbes comics (HIGHLY recommend!!!).  


Is this one of the dc with apraxia?  You might want to get an SLP eval to see if that comprehension is language-based.  My ds is having reading comprehension issues, and it's because he has low language comprehension at the single sentence level in general.  The reading just makes it glaringly obvious.  His vocabulary is so shockingly high, you don't realize the comprehension issues.  So I would check that and make sure there's not something that needs a better intervention.


Beyond that, have you considered a device that can do immersion reading?  Kindle Fire, android table running the kindle app, whatever.  

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