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I'm thinking of trying out Guest Hollow's American History curriculum as well as their Junior Anatomy curriculum after Christmas with my 1st and 3rd graders. Has anyone used either that could weigh in with their opinions? I am having such a hard time finding a science and history curriculum that works for us! We've used Apologia, SCM, Beautiful Feet Books...and all are lacking something, for us. I thought of trying to put together my own, which is when I came across Guest Hollow!


Also, my 6 year old son is just so obsessed with the human anatomy. Bones and muscles, especially! I'm wanting to get a classroom skeleton and was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase one at an affordable price?


Thanks so much!!

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I got a desktop-sized skeleton from Amazon for about $10-15 earlier this year for my then 5 year old and he still loves it. I went with not expensive because he is so rough with things and I knew it would get broken, but I fixed it easily. It's a good start and then maybe down the road you could get something larger if your son's interest grows...just a thought.


I've never heard of Guest Hollow, but I'm going to check it out! I was in the same boat with anatomy and found what was available was over his head.

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