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IESP Reevaluation in upstate NY

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Hi everyone. My eldest child (almost 10 yrs old) has an IESP with our school district. Primarily, her IESP is for documenting her learning disabilities (primarily dyscalculia, but with some other stuff mixed in), leaving a paper trail to show her need for accommodations, in the event she enrolls in college. It's also to document her difficulties in the event she falls short of required standards during the years she must participate in standardized testing. 

We receive virtually no services from the school, though I can call for consultation with any of the specialists any time I want. Other than that, her IESP primarily allows for testing accommodations. 

Her original evaluation by the school was over three years ago. Following that, I requested a complete IEE with a neuropsych at the school's expense. They provided that, no problem. 

We'll it's time for reevaluation (every three years). I'm assuming the school wants to reevaluate her, but I think I want her to have the complete IEE again. 

First, is it even necessary/preferable for her to have another complete IEE at this point? Or can that wait until her next reevaluation? 

Second, if that's preferable to have a full IEE again, can I skip the evaluation from the school and request the IEE now? Or is it necessary to follow the same steps as the first time? 

Finally, this is her 3rd grade year (I held her back). She will be taking her first standardized test at the beginning of her 4th grade year. Which test is best for a kiddo like her that struggles to some extent with pretty much all content areas? Do I report those results right after she takes the test, or do I hold onto them and report them with her end of year 5th grade assessments? 

Thanks a lot for any advice! 

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The IEE is an independent evaluation? Either way, someone is going to evaluate her, right? Either the school psych or the private psych? If it were me, I would want the psych that I felt was most qualified. It's my understanding that to keep up the IEP (I assume that's what her IESP is), you have to do the ETR/re-evaluation to see if she still qualifies every three years. 


Did you have to go through a special process to have the evaluation done privately at the school's expense? If that is what you are asking, I don't know, but there might be information on Wrightslaw, the NY dept. of ed. website, etc. that outlines that process. There is also an IDEA website that has a lot of that information.

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