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My daughter is using BJU Geography, the newest edition. Not really liking the program at all. She is reading the text and outlining the chapters as she reads. I feel like she is doing a good job with the outlining, but when it comes time to do the section quizzes - well, the information isn't carrying over well. Some questions are very easy to answer and on others there seems to be a big leap in knowledge from the book and how to apply it to answer the question correctly. Even after looking at the answer key I have difficulty finding the answer. I am starting to feel like we need a very knowledgeable instructor that explained the critical concepts thoroughly in order to really understand it all.


So, my questions are:

1. Do we drop it and move on to something else to finish out geography (maybe PAC)?

2. Keep plugging through and just discussing those difficult questions (using the answer key) as best we can?

3. Any suggestions for supplementing?

4. Just (help!!) any suggestions?


Editing to add - PAC World Geography may not be a good choice for a child that will be trying to play a NCAA DIv. I sport.

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