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Venting about Lego shipment


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On 11/29, I placed a large Lego order from their online shop. I made two smaller orders the same day.

On 12/02, all three had tracking information sent to FedEx and the two smaller orders began moving (they arrived three days later).

On 12/05, I emailed Lego to inquire about the larger package as it still hasn't begun moving according to the tracking.

On 12/06, it arrived at its first FedEx location, three states away from me.

On 12/07, they replied to my email saying that the box was now moving and would be here By the 12th.

On 12/12, I emailed again to say that it hadn't moved since it supposedly arrived at FedEx and it certainly didn't arrive that day. I never got a reply, but...

On 12/14, it appeared at a FexEx location one state away from me and with a new arrival date of 12/17.

On 12/15, it left there, shipment information was sent to the USPS, and it was in transit to the USPS in my city. It never said the USPS got it, and my other packages delivered in the same manner have all said that the same day it was listed as in transit to my local USPS.


The mail has come and gone today. It obviously wasn't there. I don't even know who to contact at this point. This was THE big gift of Christmas and I'm concerned it's not coming.

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Ugh I'm sorry you have to deal with this.  Every single order I've had this year from FED EX has had the same issues.  Slow to no movement, delivery dates extended repeatedly or no tracking information available at all.  My UPS orders have been find and on time (or early) but FED EX has been bad news.


I would probably give it a few days to see what the post office does with it.  Mine doesn't usually handle the transfer/delivery that fast but I usually plan for at least 2 days for that.  I'd be calling Lego on Monday if it hadn't arrived (they'd still have time to rush ship it if it's truly lost).


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I had a similarly slow shipment from LEGO last year.   My stepmom bought a big set for my DS and had it shipped direclty to us.    I just looked back at old emails, and saw that it was on this day last year that I hadn't gotten any shipment notification or results yet.   My stepmom called LEGO, chewed someone out, and they sent it overnight in time for Christmas.   Very frustrating....but when I read your first post here, it sure sounded like deja vu.


I would definitely call LEGO if you haven't received it by Friday.   There's still time for them to send it in time for Christmas.


On another note, it seems that for the past two weeks ALL of my packages have gotten pushed back from their original delivery date.    I've also noticed that Amazon has been shipping things out in much smaller batches.   I've placed several orders for 3 or 4 items that have arrived in 3 or 4 separate packages, which seems weird to me.

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