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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Will update when I get up again

- Call hospital to ask about drug test (to be taken at another town) and chicken pox titer, call health department about TB test- waiting for call back on chicken pox titer (have to get order from doc), waiting for school to call back or email my schedule so I can schedule the second TB test (first one is scheduled)

- pick up dh's meds and get him more Nexium- done

- start "orientation part 2" on school's website for online classes (printed everything I need from it, just need to quizzes and such)- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- laundry- in dryer

- finish folding laundry- sheets and blankets folded, space bagged and put away

- get dd1 off bus- done

- dinner- done

- baths- done

- bedtime routine- done

- anything else I get done- printed out a lot of stuff, went through my bag (need a makeup case, gift idea for dh), made an Amazon wishlist and shared it with mom, dmil, and dh, uploaded a bunch of stuff to school's 3rd party site for verification (shot records and such), paid for verification site and drug test (and printed form needed for said drug test), took trash to outside can, got dd1's field trip $. Found hotel for dh so he can complete his testing for his certification

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Crazy day ahead, much driving!

Drive to co-op early, help with Advent Assembly (my Latin students are doing a little Nativity play in Latin)

Drive home

Dither around making sure everyone is doing what they should be

Drive back to co-op to teach (with 14 yo in tow) - remembering to pick up some kind of Christmas token to give to students

On the way back home, drop 14 yo off at surprise party

Home again around 4ish

Tidy up

Make dinner

p/u 14 yo at some point


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So much to do:


--daily and Thursday things, including laundry

--errands: post office, library, Costco, framing shop


--mend leotard

--order gift for mil

--order more pictures for framing

--post more books for sale on local homeschool fb group

--feed dd dinner at lunchtime

--dd dress rehearsal 5-9

--bodyweight boot camp class at gym 6-7

--sort more items for donations

--address Christmas cards



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Not a really busy day but I've been sick for the last two days so I'm feeling a little behind on stuff.




-take care of animals (kids)

-wash dishes

-my laundry

-clean bathroom

-bring wood in

-vacuum whole house

-go help my mom get a few things done

-make ornaments with the kids

-dinner: chili, salad, cornbread

-DS8 basketball practice

-work a little on school plans for next semester

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I've had several days of running around, and I'm just delighted to have an at home day today!  I have a few things to do, but I've started the morning slow and I'm going to finish a movie before I really get going.


To do:

tidy up

empty dishwasher

laundry x3

open some packages and look at the gifts to see where I am exactly

wrap presents

order a couple little things

work on work stuff


this afternoon:

volleyball carpool

finish up shopping while waiting to drive home



dh and ds are on their own! probably frozen pizza!

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Back to the daily grind around here (as opposed to the Big Deadline frenzy).


  • Slept in, had to drive the kids to school.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen.  [done]
  • Contact kids' teacher about sending home some work for break - we will be missing the first couple days of school in January.  [done]
  • Work.  I have to finish a bunch this week since my clients take vacation for weeks over Christmas.
  • Some reading.
  • Some exercise.
  • Make a plan for the continuing ed credits I need to finish before Christmas.
  • Laundry.
  • The maids are coming this afternoon, so I need to get things ready for them.
  • Organize my room so I can walk through it.  (Boxes of Christmas gifts blocking my computer table.)
  • Start working on Christmas cards.  Need photos of the kids at some point.
  • Kids' work.
  • TKD?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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