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Center for Lit online classes - anyone used them?

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I'm thinking this might be a good fit to sign up dd who looks like she's coming home mid-year.  One book a month w/ socractic discussion, and if you join mid-year, just one paper.


Has anyone used these classes?  How did it go?  Did your dc enjoy them?  How was the writing component - instruction/feedback?

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My kids have used them and enjoy them. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much they've learned, retained and are able to apply what they have learned to new literature. We have not done any of the writing classes.


I agree with downloading a sample class to get a feel for what you are paying for. I've heard some complain that there is too much teacher interaction (between Mr. and Mrs Andrews) and not enough student interaction, but it is great for my kids. My kids tend to not want to speak up in class and just listen and absorb the information. The first year the my oldest did the class (9th grade), I thought he was just listening and enjoying the class, but I had no idea how much he was learning. I was impressed over the next year how much he had learned and applied to all sorts of literary discussions with me. This past year (11th grade), he asked me to be able to take another class saying that the classes have really impacted how he thinks about everything he reads.


I've also had one student take a jr high class and one an elementary class. Overall pleased with all.


It is hard to measure the results, but it has made a huge impact on how my kids think about and consider literature. As I've said, we don't do the writing component of the classes.

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